Stay curvy


FATSPO IS THE FUTURE, just like microwave ovens! Every day, girls are dying from¬†anorexia¬†and other eating disorders. If this trend continues, many of these girls will no longer be on Tumblr. Tumblr would be awful if it was all guys because there would no longer be kitten pictures, also it would be sad that all those girls died and stuff but that’s not the point. Thinspo runs rampant on this site! We must spread the new mentality of Fatspo- it’s like thinspo, but like to gain weight and stuff. The goal of fatspo is to make the world a happier, fatter, healthier, and all around jollier place to live. Girls with cushion for the pushin are beautifuler, happier, live longer, and from what every guy has told me, better in bed (because they try harder). Fatspo isn’t just for girls, though. men can join in too. My first sexual fantasy was with Santa Claus, who I later found out was my uncle in a suit, that messed me up for a little bit and we don’t really talk but that also not the point. Fat men are sexy, and deserve love too. Roman gladiators were actually fat so they could like stop swords with their bellies and body slam lions for the emperor. Fatspo promotes a happier form of living that is better for everyone, I hope one day with the help of the Fatspo Community I can gain weight and join the ranks of the big and beautiful.