Stay curvy

Anonymous asked: go educate yourself before you post these kinds of things

I am¬†educated, I’m like an expert professor on it.

Went to KFC. There’s so many black people here, I’m the only white person here! I have new respect for black people though, niggas know how to eat :)

Anonymous asked: I guess you'll always be doomed to be an idiot then.

I’m not an idiot, I’m a revolutionary.

Anonymous asked: seriously go lift weights or whatever... you'll be able to do more instead of just looking good

but then how am I suppose to get a phat booty

Anonymous asked: You may not be retarded, but I would be shocked if your IQ was average (100) or above 90 for that matter. Your message is REALLY messed up and uneducated. Or maybe you aren't retarded and are actually only 12 years old. Hmmm I hope you either grow up to be smarter or wise up.

IQ doesn’t change with age because age is factored into IQ tests.

Anonymous asked: After reading through your blog I wonder if you are joking, or have an extremely low IQ. Have you ever had an IQ test?

How dare you say my message is a joke, and no I’m not retarded, thanks.

Anonymous asked: i hope you know glamydia was joking

Thats not what he said

Anonymous asked: The medically recognized primary risk factor for getting type 2 diabetes is being overweight. Then comes risk factors like fat distribution, and physical activity. So if you are overweight, you are far more likely to get type 2 diabetes than somebody who is a healthy weight. It is not comparable to associating AIDS with homosexuality. The risk factors for AIDS are having unprotected sex, or using intravenous drugs. Those stigmas are NOT comparable to educated people.

Butt sex has a greater chance of AIDs

Anonymous asked: why don't you try getting stronger/bulking up instead of eating unhealthy if you don't want to look like a twig?

I’ll try both

Anonymous asked: Are you kidding? Yearly means annually... Anyway, I just don't like the way you promote obesity. There is healthy and an unhealthy way to gain weight and the way that you are choosing is will cause premature death and problems in the near future. I'm just talking from the health perspective here.

Well they mean the same thing, but yearly just sounds uneducated. Anyway, I don’t care if you don’t like my message, I didn’t ask you. Kthxbye Stay Curvy :)